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Delivery within India

Please first try to pay online, using your International Credit Cards/ International Debit Cards etc., by completing the required process, as shall be coming up online from the secured payment gateway of PayPal.com

Please do not forget to claim your 20% off on all orders for delivery within India, by way of remarks in your purchase order and/ or by way of an email, immediately after your order to: spicesonline@gmail.com .
We shall Refund 20% of the total amount paid, within 24 Hours, online via the same payment gateway.

For Delivery within India, our Prices (which are inclusive of Shipping & Handling and delivery by Express Mail Service by Speed Post, within India only) are less than the International Prices in US $.

If you are not able to pay online, then please send following details with your order to: spicesonline@gmail.com

(Please "Copy & Paste" the following form in you Email browser & then fill it & send to: spicesonline@gmail.com )

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Buyers from India, who use this form for placing the orders for delivery within India only, get 20% off.

Please apply current exchange rate of Indian V/S U.S. dollar, while ordering, Check here.
For delivery within India, please first try to use the secured payment gateway of PayPal.com and get 20% refund on the International prices in US$, which are inclusive of Shipping & Handling for delivery to any place worldwide.

Orders once paid cannot be changed or cancelled.