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Customer Testimonials

Some of the customer testimonials and words of appreciation for our quality products and dedication to customer delight !

Big Indian provided me with specialty South Asian cooking and serving equipment. Jyoti has great customer service and great products. The prices were as good or better then similar products available in the United States and the selection was much better. I will be using Big Indian again for my South Asian cooking needs in the future and would endorse Jyoti to other potential customers.

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I found Big Indian spicesonline while searching for certain products and placed an order with them. They were great with support, providing information and with their prompt service. I am a satisfied customer. 

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I confirm delivery of my package about 2 weeks ago. I have received the prompt refund of the out of stock product as promised.

I am very pleased with the quality of the products I have ordered - I have already used several of them in my cooking.
I am also very impressed with the prompt, efficient and courteous service received from the Big Indian Store.
I will definitely be shopping with you again when I need any other products.

Thanks and have a nice weekend!
Ronete Cohen


"Jyoti - I love your store and I am going to be getting seriously into Indian cooking and learning how to do it from your blog!"

Nita Hollander




I have received the spice and also the refund for accidental order. Thank you for a great service. I will re-order when i need anything else.




Dear Jyoti,

First of all - Lovely products !

I looked at your website and at the new categories.
Because I'm not familiar with the Indian kitchen it would help me (and
probably othe customers) if there would be a little description of how I can
use the articles and spices.
Your website loads quikly onto my screen, that's good. And I also like the
possibility to change the currency.

"Reviews" form costumers. So we can
sent you a compliment that everybody can read.

I wish you a very succesfull business,




Yes, it was received in good conditon. Thank you very much.

thank you for your patience and great service.

sorry I didnt send it before. I was traveling out of country...

best wishes, Mercedes

Puerto Rico



Dagal Phool was not available where I visited and certainly not available here. But thank you for wanting to retain me as a customer.

I will certainly be happy to share my experience with my friends in case they want to order something.


Smita - USA



That is very nice of you. I am glad to have a person that I can go to for any food items that I cannot find here.

I will make sure that my friends know of you.

Look forward to receiving the spices. Thanks!


Asha - Canada


Dear Jyoti,

I received the packet yesterday evening and it looks good. It has been great doing business with you.

I will be sure to get in touch with you if I need anything else. Thanks


Bob Warren



Dear Jyoti,

My parcel has arrived in good order. I like the spice containers, they are nice.

I appreciate your offer to sent me some recepies.

We have had a lovely time. Everybody was enthousiastic.

We enjoyed the recipes, especially the curry and the raita made people very happy.

Ive given them the containers with some spices in it. Ive given them your websiteadress to.

Ill hope you get some new customers.

Thanks for your kindness.

Kind regards.




Hello Jyoti,

My package has arrived in excellent condition. Thanks for the same.Stay in touch if you want a pen pal.

Best regards.

Rahul Thakkar



Hello Jyoti,

I received the spices and I am very happy. They are very nice! I have never seen Marati moggu up close and I thought it was much smaller (around the size of a clove), so that was a surprise. It smells very nice. asfoetida is nice as well. I can not get either of these in the United States. I can only get the powdered asfoetida. I have only used the resinous type once when a friend brought a small lump back for me from India. I use heeng almost daily, so I will likely need more in the future.

Thank you for all of your help! Take care,

John Damascus



I received my order very fast, Thanks so much for your efficiency. It was
just what I had ordered. All the best with your business.

Phil Schumm



The order was very promptly sent . Chetan was very good and helpful in sorting out the duplicate order issue. Extra charge he payed me back promptly.Highly recommended.

Rhia Wilson



I ordered worth $480 of spices stuff for whole year. And this has saved me so much money. Thanks for the generous bulk discount. I can rely so much now that i have a person to go to for my needs.

Mary Heartland

Chetan , I receieved tha parcel. I had to remove so many tapes . It took me so much time to remove the material from the package.
But thanks anyways for the concern,

Sunith Nagaraj
United Kingdom

We have recently purchased a stainless steel container and the necessary spices to fill it.The service was very good and the product is excellent.

Kathy Doree