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Crunchy Papads

Crunchy Papads- All types of Papads (Varieties that are to be roasted & fried too) Papad is an extremely crunchy food item that can add taste even to a tasteless menu. Papads are thin, crisp, sundried wafers of dal flour. Papad/ Poppadums are delicate and thin discs which may be spiced or unspiced. Although most varieties are made with dal, papads are also made of rice, potato, and other flours. The Lijjat brand of papad is known as the best brand of papads in India. Pappadumsare a cross between a chip and very thin flatbread. Traditionally enjoyed with a selection of chutneys and pickles and as an accompaniment to Indian meals. - Papad can be munched on as a snack. - It may be served with soup or the main meal. - It is often crushed and sprinkled on rice. - A traditional Indian thali or platter always includes papad. - Papads are usually deep fried for special occasions. Papad or papadoms are made from dried gram (pea or bean) flour and can't really be made at home. They are mostly bought ready made and then crisped up at home. They are like dried pasta chips that can be microwaves, grilled or deep fried. Deep Fried - you will need a big pan, tongs and paper towels. Pour the oil into a pan about half an inch deep. Heat until the oil becomes very hot. You now need to work very rapidly. Have your papad ready and a plate with some kitchen paper on to receive the results. Get some tongs and quickly slide a papadum under the oil sideways. It will expand- this is why you need a big pan. Quickly turn the papad over making sure all parts go under the hot oil and it is fully puffed up, but if it starts to turn brown remove it at once. Remove and hold over the oil for a few seconds to drain and put on the kitchen paper. Repeat with the next papad. Roasted At their best poppadoms are paper-thin and incredibly crispy and may be cooked in a few seconds under a very hot grill or in the microwave for 30 seconds on high. If you have a gas range - hold it in tongs over the gas and keep moving it and turning it until it is cooked and has become crisp. It only takes a few seconds to cook papad so please be attentive and alert while cooking them so as not to burn them