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Become an Exclusive PARTNER

Become our partner in spreading the Indian Culture and Items worldwide . A very Nice and profitable Business Opportunity for In-Demand , Low- Supply products !

How to Become Partner of THE BIG INDIAN STORE

Here is steps to become partner.
1. Send us One Photograph of yours/Your Full Name/Email Address/ Postal Address/ Phone Numbers at: spicesonline@gmail.com

2. Send us confirmation mail once. We will review and send you partnership details with your dealer number after approval within 3 days. 

You will need to pay a charge of 1 USD via Paypal at vaastuconsulting@gmail.com so that we come to know that you are not a spam enquiry.

Benefits of The Big Indian Store Partner.

  • We are making Only one dealer in each city of any country. Thus you will be the only dealer in your city for THE BIG INDIAN STORE
  • You can take the direct payments and on each services and products you will be given a 10% directly on our selling price.
  • You can sell the products and services at your own price.
  • Partner Certificate will be provided for you.
  • We do Shipping, We do Packing, We do Procurement. YOU only EARN.