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Ashokarishta Ayurvedic Female Tonic


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Ashol are genuine and quality tablet form of Ashokarishta, which is an ayurvedic product for feminine problems. These Ashokarishta tablets are of the best quality and give extremely good results when taken two tablets thrice daily with milk.

Ashokarishta is a female tonic which relieves all your menstrual problems in a natural and ayurvedic way. Menstrual Cramps, pimples, acnes, tiredness, pain and all other menstrual problems are minimized to a great extent with Ashokarishta.

Menstrual Health Benefits of Ashokarishta :


  • Ashokarishta is useful in the management of Menorrhagia, Metrorrhagia, Dysmenorrhoea, Dysfunctional uterine bleeding, colpalfia  and Leucorrhoea. Excessive uterine bleeding is got into control with ashokarishta
  • The effect of Ashokarishta on the ovarian tissue produces an estrogen-like activity that enhances the repair of the endometrium
  • Ashokarishta helps in eliminating fibroids
  • Ashokarishta helps to improve Vitality, strength, vigor & proper function of female reproductive system
  • Ashokarishta rejuvenates and provides nourishment to the blood & the reproductive system
  • Ashokarishta gently maintains healthy and naturally balanced production of female hormones
  • Ashokarishta regulates and maintains regular and healthy menses/periods ans regularizes the interval between two cycles of menstruation.
  • Ashokarishta is a solution to fatigue and generalized weakness due to gynecological problems and menstrual discomforts
  • Ashokarishta provides relief from painful menses, the premenstrual syndrome, and non-specific white discharge
  • Ashokarishta Eliminates menstrual cramps and pains
  •   It works like a magic to dissolve the clots and thus gets a  smooth continuous blood flow, which in turn almost eliminates the pains and the cramps which  occur due to the clumps of blood.
  • Any uterus or ovary problem can be minimized with the help of ashokarishta
  • Ashokarishta eases the transition into menopause







  • The herb, Ashoka, stimulates the uterus, making helpful contractions more frequent and prolonged
  • Ashokarishta makes uterus & overies healthy and also balances production of female hormones


  • Ashokarishta supports health libido and also prevents habitual abortion


  • Ashokarishta is the best uterine support and is very helpful treating various uterus related problems


  • Ashokarishta  is beneficial in treating dyspepsia and indigestion, thirst, burning sensation, blood disorders, fractures, tumors (unexplained swellings)



  • Ashokarishta  acts as a best tonic for women suffering with vaginal discharge
  • Ashokarishta is useful in treating internal bleeding
  • AshokaRishta reduces the clots in  periods to almost negligible amount



  • When AshokaRishta is taken at the right time of each month,  it gets a woman to feel extremely clean, as if the entire dirt in her body is being washed away with the smooth blood flow of periods
  • It also relives malaise, generlised bodyache, physical & mental dullness

Indications : Menorrhagia , leucorrhoea , menstrual irregularities , Low backache  & abdominal pain in women due to Gynae problems .    

Dosage- Take 2 tablet thrice a day with milk for atleast three months

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